What is DudeDump?

DudeDump is a social media hub where readers and bloggers meet to exchange news, photos and videos of the hottest dudes daily.  It’s a convenient location for readers to get the latest updates, and for bloggers to share their content.  We like to refer to it as a harmonious bliss of dudes.

How does it work?

Bloggers or even you, can submit any dude you come across.  We currently only accept blog posts, but are looking at the possibility of expanding into thumbnail galleries and tube videos in the future.  You can also rate links that you like by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down.  This in turn ranks the link on the site accordingly.

How do I submit a post?

Simply copy the URL of the post (example: http://www.gaybodyblog.com/2012/04/checking-out-the-swimmer-bulge.html) you’d like to submit and paste it into our submit a story box on the top right of the site. Press the submit button, and complete the form.

How does the rating system work?

Our ranking algorithm rates links by thumbs up and thumbs down votes and takes time sensitivity into account.  This means that more recent content will rank higher than prior content to keep the site fresh and new.

Do I need to register?

You don’t need to register to view or rate links.  You do however need to register or login with facebook in order to submit a link.

How long does it take for my submissions to show up on the site?

We do our best to review submissions at least once per day (usually more).  So to summarize, your link should be approved within 24 hours.  You will receive an email notification once complete.

What if the preview image or description text for my submission doesn’t show up?

If a preview is not displaying correctly for your submission, you can easily upload an image from your computer and write a short description.

What do you classify as “adult”?

Basically anything with an exposed penis is considered adult here. Naked rear ends are A-OK for other categories.

Why didn’t my submission get approved?

Most of the time when we decline a post, it’s either due to lack of content or spam. If we feel that your site lacks adequate content worthy of a quality read, we will reject it. Also if the site is annoyingly filled with ads, we will also reject it. We want to provide our users with quality blog posts focused on content to keep them coming back for more. As a rule of thumb, typically posts with less than three images or one paragraph of copy won’t make the cut.

I’m a webmaster and want to submit my post. Do I have to link back to you?

We require one of three options: a widget, a banner placement, or a text link in your site in order to get your posts listed here. If a widget / banner / text link is not on your site, your post will most likely be rejected. Remember, the larger our community gets, the more traffic we send back.

Widget: We recommend you add a DudeDump widget to your website for two reasons. The way our widget works is, the more traffic you send, the more priority our widget places on your site, so you will get more traffic in return. Also the more users you send to us, the more chances your posts will have to rate higher. Not to mention the larger our community gets, the more traffic you will receive from us in the future. Please login and visit our add widget page to create your first widget.


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