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  • Diego Sans tops D.O. | Excelle...

    Diego Sans tops D.O. | Excellent Top Gay Porn Blog | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    “The Spartans have been defeated, but the war is not over. Muscular Diego Sans has some words for his commanding officer tall, toned D.O., and won’t let up until he gets what he wants, and that is to be free! Dark-haired D.O. commands tattooed Diego to his knees so he...

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  • Cam is happy to get BrysenR...

    Cam is happy to get Brysen’s big dick | Male-Erot | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    Muscular Cam is anxiously waiting for his scene partner to arrive. His nerves are all over the place since he has no idea that ripped cutie Brysen will be joining him, but he’s being a real sport about the impending mystery. “I thought I might get lucky yesterday when I...

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  • JJ Knight tops William Seed

    JJ Knight tops William Seed | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    “Let us go back to 378BC, Greece, and revisit the story of the Sacred Band of Thebes, who were exiled to Athens after losing a battle preceded by military conflicts. The unusual band of men were lovers, and they joined forces to regain what they had lost. They were brave,...

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  • Dato Foland & Victor DR...

    Dato Foland & Victor D’Angelo | Excellent Top Gay | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    “Handsome stud Victor D’Angelo and muscular cutie Dato Foland are on a case, and just made a huge deal! To celebrate the two men begin making out right there in the office, and slowly start undressing as they worship each other’s body. Some light petting leads to bearded Victor blowing...

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