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  • Australian Jock Model Lochland

    Australian Jock Model Lochland | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    After sharing some pics of the incredibly gorgeous Matt Oregan from CSA Australia I’ve been a little hooked on those Australian male models. What can I say? I’m a sucker for those handsome boys with their tight muscled bods! So that’s how I stumbled across this new gorgeous young man...

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  • Allen Clippinger | Gay Body Bl...

    Allen Clippinger | Gay Body Blog | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    I know we’ve had a post of pics featuring Allen Clippinger on the blog before, but I’m pretty sure I have pics for this one that didn’t make it into that collection. I didn’t create that one of course, and in fact I’ve only just discovered this incredibly sexy young...

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  • Chase Hostler Naked – By Jos...

    Chase Hostler Naked – By Joseph Smileuske | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    I don’t think I’m going to be alone in salivating over the sight of Chase Hostler completely butt naked in this collection of pics by Joseph Smileuske. The guy is sex on legs, and the kind of hunk I might see at the gym and have an immediate boner for....

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  • Naked Muscle – Carefully Sho...

    Naked Muscle – Carefully Shot | Gay Body Blog | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    I love the shoots they share at DNA, and this collection of simple but erotic shots of the musclebound Chase Hostler by Joseph Smileuske are a great example of how you can be incredibly sexy without showing everything off. I wanted to share this collection especially because I think it shows...

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  • ESPN Body Issue 2012 – The M...

    ESPN Body Issue 2012 – The Men | Daily Dudes @ Dude Dump
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    Okay guys, so I know we’ve had a naked post already, but when I saw this collection of images from the ESPN Body Issue 2012 I knew these guys had to be on the blog. This is the first time I’ve seen what they do when it comes to showing...

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